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HPV Treatment

HPV Treatment

Genital warts, which occur in the genital area, are seen in both women and men, and are more likely to be transmitted sexually than others, are called genital warts, that is, HPV treatment. HPV is a short name consisting of the initials “Human Papilloma Virus”, which causes genital warts. Although warts in the genital area can be seen in both men and women, the vast majority of patients consist of women. More than 200 types of HPV, approximately 40 of them, cause the formation of warts in the genital area. How is HPV treatment performed?


What is HPV?

HPV is a virus from the Human Papillomavirus family. There are about 200 types of HPV. HPV is divided into high-risk types and low-risk types.

60% of society meet HPV at some time in their lives and carry the virus without realizing it. With a single skin contact, HPV is transmitted to 70% of partners. For this reason, the likelihood of HPV is higher than predicted. Because men or women who carry the virus, but do not notice, will infect their partners with the HPV virus.


Symptoms requiring HPV treatment

Genital warts caused by the HPV virus may not always cause symptoms in people. Especially extremely small warts in the first stage do not attract much attention. But as time progresses and they grow a little bigger, they reach a visible structure. As genital warts grow, their effect increases and the rate of growth and reproduction also increases. But according to the working principle of the immune system, warts that appear in the genital area can show self-reduction, regression, or recovery.


Most of the time, people do not experience symptoms, but in some cases, itchiness and associated bleeding may occur. In cases of infection, people may also be aware of the need for HPV treatment (Genital warts treatment) due to various symptoms.


How is HPV treatment performed?

HPV treatment can be achieved without problems, especially in conditions where it is noticed early. In some patients, only the duration of treatment can last a long time. The first and most important treatment method is, of course, medical drug applications. Especially with the application of various creams, ointments, if any, the symptoms associated with the disease and the disease can be controlled. Controlled genital warts disappear over time, and the healing stage occurs. But if there is no early diagnosis, cryotherapy and cautery applications are recommended. In this case, medical drug applications can be used with supporting properties.

Cryotherapy, i.e. liquid nitrogen application and electrocautery techniques, is a very effective treatment method, especially in the elimination of large warts, and thus the process takes an extremely short time.

However, there are also methods such as podophyllin, bicolor acid. Application of Podofilin occurs by applying and waiting for the drug on the wart. After a process lasting 5-6 hours, it is recommended to wash the relevant area. With bichloride acid, healing and treatment of genital warts can be achieved by applying three or four sessions per week.

Considering that these methods will be insufficient, or that the patient has a special problem, may also push the doctor to surgical methods. In some cases, surgical method features are recommended. During the HPV treatment process, genital warts are cleaned one by one by surgical surgery.


HPV-Related Conditions

HPV does not cause any problems in most cases. In some people, some types of HPV can cause:

  • Genital warts
  • Abnormal conditions in cells that can sometimes turn into cancer
  • HPV types linked to cancer, very risky HPV types
  • Cancers that develop with high-risk HPV include:
  • Cervical cancer
  • Anal cancer
  • Penis cancer
  • Cancer of the Vulva
  • Vaginal cancer
  • Some types of head and neck cancer
  • For such reasons, HPV treatment is performed.


How Do You Protect Yourself Against HPV?

It is unlikely that you can fully protect yourself against HPV, but here are the things that can help:

Condoms can help protect you against HPV, but they don't cover all the skin around your genitals, so you're not fully protected.

HPV treatment provides complete protection against the types of HPV that cause most genital warts and cervical cancers, as well as some other cancers.


Human papillomavirus (HPV) treatment

HPV treatment is a variant of cervical screening. There is no need to take a blood test for HPV. During Cervical Screening, A tissue sample is taken from the cervix and analyzed for HPV. Screening is done to all women in the December 25-64 age range and people with a cervix. It helps protect them from cervical cancer.


Factors that reduce HPV treatment?

  • The immune system is weak
  • Chemotherapy treatments
  • Cigarette consumption
  • Frequent repeated genital diseases
  • Stress-related traumas
  • Insomnia and fatigue
  • Pregnancy
  • Folate and beta carotene deficiency

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