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Ovarıan Cyst Treatment

Ovarıan Cyst Treatment

The sac, which is seen in the female reproductive organ and contains the eggs that enable to become a mother, is called the ovary. Any fluid-filled and ball-like structures seen on or inside the ovary are called ovarian cysts. Ovarian cysts, also called ovarian cysts, can occur both on the right and on the left. Most of the ovarian cysts, many of which are harmless, do not even show any symptoms, and ovarian cysts can heal on their own within a few months without the need for ovarian cyst treatment.

Cysts can be as small as a pea or larger than an orange. A cyst is a closed sac-like structure. It is separated from the surrounding tissue by a membrane. It contains liquid, gas or semi-solid matter. The outer part of a cyst is called the cyst wall. If the cyst is larger than 5 cm in diameter, it may need to be surgically removed.

What are the Symptoms of Ovarian Cyst?

Most of the time, no symptoms are encountered in ovarian cysts. However, symptoms may appear as the cyst grows. Symptoms may include:

  • Pain in the upper part of the groin
  • Feeling pain during sexual intercourse
  • Irregularity of menstrual periods
  • Chest tenderness, vomiting and nausea
  • Abdominal swelling and feeling of heaviness
  • Feeling of pressure in the bladder or rectum area
  • Feeling of fullness and pressure in the abdominal cavity
  • Bleeding from the vagina
  • Frequent urination
  • Intestinal motility and feeling of pressure in the intestines
  • An increase in hair growth
  • State or symptoms of infertility
  • Bainful menstrual period
  • Pressure in the intestines or frequent toileting during defecation
  • Complaints such as inability to see menstruation or spotting can be listed.

How Is Ovarian Cyst Treated?

Many ovarian cysts go away on their own without treatment. However, cysts that cause complaints and pose a risk to the patient's health may need to be treated. In the treatment of ovarian cyst, the treatment method is determined by considering the findings in the patient, the size and structure of the cyst, and the age of the patient.

Ovarian cyst treatment can be treated with medication, using birth control pills. Birth control pills regulate the menstrual cycle and hormonal balance and suppress ovarian functions. In this way, shrinkage and destruction of the cyst is ensured and new cyst formation is prevented. However! Surgical intervention may be required in cysts exceeding 8-10 cm or in cysts that are observed to grow continuously in regular follow-up, in cysts that are found to be malignant as a result of the examinations, and in cysts that cause severe pain.

Istanbul Ovarian Cyst Treatment Surgical Process

If the size of the cyst in the ovaries is larger than 8 cm, surgical operation can be applied against the risk of cancer and to eliminate other findings. Ovarian cyst treatment is performed with 2 different surgical methods. These:

Laparoscopy – Closed Surgery

If the ovarian cyst treatment is found to be benign and small in size, this surgical method is recommended. In laparoscopy, a small incision is made under the navel, and the abdomen is reached. It is ensured that the tissue inside is seen with the help of a laparoscopic camera. The camera is positioned so that the ovaries and uterus can be viewed. During the surgery, the ovarian cyst is separated from the ovary and removed. When deemed necessary, the removed cyst can be sent for pathological examination. The recovery period after surgery performed while the person is under general anesthesia is quite quick and painless.

Laparotomy – Open Surgery

Istanbul Ovarian cyst treatment is a form of treatment in which the laparoscopy method is insufficient if the size of the cyst is very large and malignant. In such cases, only a larger incision is made in the abdomen, and the ovarian cyst is removed. However, if the cyst is malignant, the surgeon removes the entire cyst during the operation. While applying this method, the patient is under general anesthesia. The recovery process after laparotomy surgery is slower compared to laparoscopy surgery and may cause pain in the patient.

After Ovarian Cyst Surgery

Recovery time after surgery differs from person to person. After the ovarian cyst is removed, you will feel pain in your abdomen, but this will pass in a few days. After laparoscopy or laparotomy, it may take up to 12 weeks before you can resume your normal life. If the cyst is sent for testing, results will be available within a few weeks and your doctor will decide if you need further treatment.

Contact a doctor if you notice the following symptoms during recovery:

  • Heavy bleeding
  • Severe pain or swelling in your abdomen
  • High fever
  • Dark or smelly vaginal discharge
  • These symptoms may indicate an infection.

What are the Effects on Fertility?

If you have not been through menopause, your doctor will try to protect your reproductive system as much as possible.

activate. It is usually possible to remove the cyst and leave both ovaries healthy, which means your fertility is not affected. If one of your ovaries needs to be removed, the other Ovary can still produce eggs as usual. Although getting pregnant is a little more difficult, your fertility is not affected.

Sometimes you may need to remove both ovaries even if you haven't been through menopause. This speeds up an early menopause and means it's impossible for you to produce eggs anymore. However, it is still possible to have a baby by injecting a donated egg into your uterus. This will need to be discussed with doctors at a center specializing in assisted reproductive techniques. If you've had menopause, both ovaries may be removed as they no longer produce eggs. Discuss your fertility concerns with your doctor before surgery. It is important to choose a doctor who specializes in the treatment of ovarian cysts.

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