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Vagına Rejuvenatıon

Vagına Rejuvenatıon

Vaginal rejuvenation, more commonly defined as the aesthetics of the vaginal area, is the whole name given to surgical procedures performed to narrow and tighten the vagina. In recent years, women are more curious about the vagina narrowing surgery should be performed by specialist doctors. Enlargement of the vagina is a condition that usually occurs after birth. One reason why people who do not give birth experience vaginal enlargement is that it can also be caused by genetic problems that occur at birth. With the help of surgical interventions, the vagina can be narrowed and successful results can be achieved.

Why Is Vagina Narrowing Surgery Performed?

After a small one-minute examination by a gynecologist, you can tell if you need a vagina narrowing operation. It is possible to narrow widening vaginas depending on birth, weight, sexual intercourse, age, and hormones. This condition, which becomes a problem both in sexual life and in daily life, can be corrected with operations. Vaginal narrowing surgery can be performed with a laser device, as well as with local anesthesia. If it is done by the right specialist doctors, it allows you to survive painlessly and painlessly. After surgery, it results in very small bleeding and infections and does not contain much risk. Vagina narrowing surgeries last a maximum of 45 minutes. After this suture operation, the stitches can be destroyed.

What Should Be Done Before Vagina Narrowing Surgery?

It is recommended that you be full and come eating something when you come to this operation, which is usually performed by local anesthesia. Being full helps you feel better after surgery. Since showering with warm water is a method that takes your stress, you can also apply this method before you come to the surgery. If you are told that you need to take medication before surgery, you should do so before you come to the surgery. Choosing a comfortable tracksuit or pants would be an ideal and correct choice.

What Should Be Done After Vagina Rejuvenation Surgery?

After vagina rejuvenation surgery, the patient should pay more attention to himself. He should pay attention to what he eats and drinks, try to live a healthy life, and stay away from harmful habits.
After the vagina rejuvenation process is performed, care should be taken to have regular dressings, antibiotics, and painkillers written in the prescription should be used regularly.
Besides these:

Attention should be paid to your cleaning and toilet cleaning.
Care should be taken not to become constipated. This can be prevented by consuming fibrous foods.
Consuming foods high in minerals, vitamins and protein will benefit.
Cold compresses with ICE help accelerate the healing of the surgical wound.
You can apply the iced compress to get rid of pain, bleeding, and edema complaints.
After surgery, it is recommended not to enter the sea or pool for 1 month.
It is healthier to have sexual intercourse after a month and a half.
After vaginal rejuvenation surgery, you should use a vaginal lubricant called lubricant before sexual intercourse.
Pelvic floor exercises are also exercised that you should do after surgery.

Benefits Of Vagina Rejuvenation Surgery

It prevents urinary incontinence; since the muscles in the vagina tighten after surgery, it prevents many people from involuntarily urinary incontinence.
The movement provides comfort; it prevents the discomfort caused by the feeling of sagging on the outer lips. Allows you to move comfortably.
Restores attractiveness; normal postpartum enlargement and loss of aesthetic image in the vagina caused by the age factor lead to a lack of self-confidence in many women. Vaginal beauty is restored due to tightening of tissues and November after surgery.
It prevents the signs of aging; vagina rejuvenation surgery is an advanced cosmetic surgery procedure that prevents the natural aging of the vagina. After surgery, the inner walls of the vagina tighten, and therefore the effect of the operation is permanent.
It provides symmetry between the inner lips; due to genetic factors or postpartum growing vaginal lips will be the perfect choice to correct the asymmetry in the inner lips after vaginal rejuvenation surgery Dec.

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