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Water Bırth

Water Bırth

Water Birth

Water birth is a common and preferred alternative method of birth worldwide. For water delivery, tubs specially designed for delivery are used.

What Is Water Birth?

Water birth occurs with a tub-like unit specially designed for the expectant mother. Birth in water is performed by taking absolutely every moment under the supervision of a doctor. It has the same risk ratio as other known types of births. In this method, which is generally preferred, blood flow increases. In other words, contractions during childbirth can easily improve with increased blood flow. Because birth in water occurs in hot water, the risk of any intense tearing that may occur in the vagina is also reduced with the birth of the baby. A baby in a pouch filled with water in the uterus becomes calm and cries less, as it is also born into a pool full of water after birth. Water birth does not have any side effects on both the expectant mother and the baby. But before giving birth in water, absolutely both the expectant mother and the baby are completely passed the necessary health checks. In this way, there are no problems during childbirth.

What Are The Advantages Of Water Birth?

Water birth is a preferred method to reduce the stress of the expectant mother during childbirth. It's quite effective. Along with the relaxing effect provided by water, both the expectant mother and the baby are subjected to less trauma than known birth methods. Water has many advantages during childbirth. These are as follows;
* Labor pains are eased compared to normal labor.
* In the expectant mother and child, relaxation is provided along with the effect of water.
* The duration of birth is shortened.
* Because there is a birth in water, the channels that the baby clashes with become soft and increase flexibility without tearing.
* Incision in the vaginal area, that is, the application of episiotomy with its name in the field of Medicine, decreases here.
* Medical interventions that occur during Normal birth or according to different birth methods are not preferred in water birth units.

How To Give Birth In Water?

Before giving birth in water, the necessary health checks of the mother and baby occur completely. If it is made sure that both mother and baby do not have any problems at the time of birth in water, it is prepared. Water birth is not recommended for people with a pregnancy under 37 weeks. However, if the mother also has an active injection, it is not recommended to give birth in water. When the baby does not have any birth position and the mother's birth weight is high, it prevents water birth. All conditions must apply to both the expectant mother and the baby in order to be born in water. After these conditions occur, water birth occurs with the right breathing methods. Warm water relaxes the mother, as well as greatly reduces the level of stress that can occur.

Is There A Risk Of Water Birth?

Water birth is more preferred today than other known birth methods. The necessary health checks do not involve any risk if performed for both mother and baby.

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