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Vagina Whitening

Vagina Whitening

The process of bleaching the darkening of the genital area from the groin to the vagina lips by surgical intervention is called Vagina Whitening. There are basically 2 methods in the whitening process. Chemical method and laser whitening. Also, use of lightening cream or mesotherapy can be tried. By using one of these methods or combinations, it is possible to lighten. The bleaching process, which is extremely important in genital aesthetics, eliminates the aesthetic concerns of many people.

Why DoesTthe Genital Area Darken?

Over time, when the skin does not produce enough collagen, genetic and external factors cause skin discoloration, loss of vitality and aging. Darkness in the bikini area can occur at an earlier age. The main reasons for this are the use of poor quality underwear and very tight clothing that does not breathe. In addition, it can be seen as a common condition during pregnancy. The darkening of the vagina is different from the darkening of the bikini area.

Darkness may occur in the inner lips of the vagina due to reasons such as birth, waxing applied to that area and the use of nylon-mixed underwear. Whitening oils used to eliminate the blackening problem, which is thought to be caused by epilation, are useless. This aesthetically problematic situation usually tries to be eliminated by laser treatment. However, these techniques may not work to get rid of the dark skin that becomes more noticeable in people with dark skin.

Incorrect laser application may cause you to get more harmful results in your genital area. That's why it's vital that you reach the right person at the right time. During this process, one should be patient and the choice of underwear should be in the appropriate texture and structure. The process of lightening and color correction of these color darkening in the external genital area, which is mostly called the vulva, is called Vagina Whitening.

How is Vaginal Bleaching Performed?

The difference is immediately felt after laser sessions applied to women who have color darkening problems in the genital area. Since creams with a local anesthetic effect are applied to the area before the procedure begins, no pain or ache is felt during the sessions.

If you want to whiten your genital area, melanocyte cells must be broken down with the help of laser beams and then genital whitening is provided. You may experience edema, mild redness and swelling in the first days after this procedure. As time passes, the areas where the laser is applied begin to darken for the first time and after the dead skin cells are shed, the new white skin takes its place. After genital bleaching, your skin will be renewed.

This way, it will have a brighter and fuller appearance. The number of sessions can be determined as 2-3 sessions, depending on the skin structure and skin characteristics of the person. In addition to lightening the dark color on the skin, if there are already dark spots in the area, these spots can also be removed.

Laser sessions give very effective and efficient results if the points to be considered before the laser session are followed. Before the vaginal whitening laser session, the person should not apply cream to the genital area or shave for 3 days. We know that some concerns about laser technology continue today. However, with the advancement of technology and the awareness of people about laser, it is of course possible to say that laser treatment is not harmful if applied by experts.

After genital area whitening sessions with laser, people can return to their daily lives in a short time and they do not feel uncomfortable psychologically because their self-confidence increases. If you wish, bleaching can be applied to the inner and outer lips, the anal area, the vaginal entrance area or all areas of the genital area.

Kadın Hastalıkları ve Doğum Uzmanı - Op. Dr. Nazlı Oral Korkmaz

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