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Vagına Whıtenıng

Vagına Whıtenıng

Darkening of the Genital area from the groin to the lips of the vagina with surgical intervention is called vagina whitening. There are 2 methods in the whitening process. Chemical method and laser whitening. In addition, the use of color-opening cream or mesotherapy can be tried. The color opening is achieved by using one or more of these methods. The whitening process, which is extremely important to the issue of Genital aesthetics, destroys the aesthetic concerns of many people.

Why Does The Genital Area Darken?

Over time, the skin does not produce enough collagen, genetic and external factors cause the skin to fade color, lose vitality, and age. Darkening in the Bikini area can occur at an earlier age. The main reasons for this are poor quality underwear and the use of very narrow clothes that do not take the air. It can also be seen as a common condition during pregnancy. Bikini area dimming and vagina dimming are different.

Darkening may occur on the inner lips of the vagina due to causes such as birth, waxing in that area and the use of nylon mixed underwear worn. Whitening oils used to eliminate the blackening problem, which is thought to be caused by epilation, do not work. This condition, which creates aesthetic problems, usually tries to be eliminated with laser treatment. But these techniques may not work to get rid of darkening, which becomes more pronounced in people with dark skin.

Incorrect laser application may cause you to get more harmful results in your genital area. That's why you must get to the right person at the right time. Be patient in this process and the preference for underwear should be in the appropriate texture and structure. The process of opening and color regulation of these color darkens that occur in the external genital area, which is more commonly referred to as the vulva, is called vagina whitening.

How Is Vaginal Whitening Performed?

After laser sessions are applied to women who have problems with the darkening of color in the Genital area, the difference is immediately felt. Since creams with a local anesthetic effect are applied to the area before the procedure begins, pain or pain is also not felt during the sessions.
If you want to whiten your Genital area, melanocyte cells must be broken down with the help of laser beams, and then genital whitening is achieved. In the first days after this procedure, you may experience things like edema, slight redness, and swelling. As time passes, darkening begins in the areas where the laser is applied for the first time, and after the dead skin cells are shed, the new white skin takes its place. After the Genital whitening process, your skin will now be renewed. In this way, it will have a brighter and fuller appearance. Depending on the skin structure and skin characteristics of the person, the number of sessions can be determined as 2-3 sessions. In addition to opening the dark color on the skin, it can also get rid of these spots if there are already dark spots in the area.

Laser sessions give very effective and efficient results if what needs to be considered before whitening with a laser session is followed. Before the vagina whitening laser session, the person should apply the cream to the genital area for 3 days or not shave. We know that some concerns about laser technology continue today. But with the advancement of technology and people's awareness of the laser, it is possible to say that laser therapy does not harm if it is applied by experts.

After laser genital whitening sessions, people can return to their daily lives in a short time and do not feel psychologically uncomfortable because their self-confidence increases. If you want, whitening can be applied on the inner and outer lips, in the area of the entrance of the vagina to the anal area, or all areas of the genital area.

What Are The Problems Of the Darkening Of The Genital Area?

Dark, darkening of the Genital area does not cause problems physically or structurally. An only dark color can cause psychological problems in some people.  Some people can make these problems a problem for themselves by comparing them with the people around them. Sometimes people are very uncomfortable with this condition because their sex life is negatively affected. People who do not like their Genital area and find it dark color Express that this condition negatively affects their sex life.

In this case, vagina whitening is the process of discoloration in the genital area; people need to improve both their mental health and their sex life. In the process of genital whitening, positive results are obtained with laser, chemical peeling, or special methods and treatment combinations that I make for genital whitening in this area.

When Does The Color Turn On After The Laser Process Appear?

Discoloration in the Genital area, bleaching occurs quite quickly, sometimes after the process occurs, the bleaching of the genital area takes up to 1 month. People need to be patient with the color opening process. Sometimes one session is enough, sometimes 2. and 3rd. Sessions may also be required. The duration of vaginal whitening varies in every woman. At the end of the process, the desired result is obtained by laser discoloration in the genital area.  

Laser Genital Discoloration Is Painful?

Absolutely no. Pain is not felt during the procedure with an anesthetic cream applied to the genital area before the operation and local anesthesia performed after it.

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