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It is possible to correct the sagging of the vaginal lips, which are congenital or after weight loss, by labioplasty operations. This method, which is one of the most common genital aesthetic applications, is performed by the recovery of larger and sagging lips than normal. Vaginal rejuvenation procedure, which is a genital aesthetic operation, is also applied to eliminate symmetry problems. This operation for the inner and outer lips does not pose any obstacle for birth. Many women who feel uncomfortable can feel better psychologically by having this operation.

What Does Labioplasty Mean?

Labioplasty applications are operations applied to improve and correct the vagina of women. Any woman who is married or single can choose this type of surgery. With vaginal aesthetics, it is also possible to have more perfect and smaller vaginas.

Why Do Vaginal Lips Sag?

  • Some accidents and deformations after birth,
  • Sagging due to its excessive weakness,
  • Frequent weight gain and sagging of the vaginal area,
  • Menopause,
  • Vaginal tumor and infections,
  • Excessive strain in sexual intercourse
  • Contacting the vagina with chemical products such as perfume,
  • Deformation of the vagina as a result of frequent vaginal delivery is among the reasons that cause vaginal sagging.

 How is Labioplasty Surgery Performed?

In some cases, severe sagging may occur in the vagina when high weight loss is experienced. In this case, while saving the body with liposuction operation, the vagina can be intervened with labioplasty. It is possible to evaluate a suitable operation option for each patient.

Labioplasty surgeries are operations that provide repair and reduction in the vagina. It includes surgical removal of the inner lip parts of the vaginal area of ​​women and aesthetic correction of these areas. Thus, all kinds of wear and deformation around the vagina are removed with this operation. The most important reason for preferring these operations is the sense of aesthetics. The discomfort of the vaginal lips being larger than normal leads women to these operations. The discomfort resulting from the fact that the vaginal lips are much larger than normal is also eliminated by this method. Although most of the operations have been successful, it is recommended that the research should be done very meticulously and the decision should be made in this direction in order to avoid possible problems.

Lips continue to grow until the age of 18. Therefore, this operation should not be performed on children under the age of 18.

What Should Be Considered After Labioplasty?

Complications are generally not experienced after labioplasty. Complications such as infection, tissue damage, and bleeding are possible complications after all surgical procedures. For this reason, labioplasty should be applied by a specialist doctor in sterile conditions and in health institutions with the necessary equipment and experience.

Post-operative bleeding is not expected. Rarely, only a slight bleeding in the form of leakage and spotting can be seen on the suture line. In the first days after surgery, the vulva may be swollen, red and sensitive due to edema. By applying cold compresses with the help of ice, as recommended by the doctor, the edema in the area is removed.

As the labio are rich in blood supply, the wound healing is completed quickly. Sutures in the area are absorbed or fall off within 10-15 days depending on the type of suture material used. Post-operative pain is normal, the doctor may apply pain relief. Although it varies from patient to patient, you can usually return to your routine life a few days after the procedure. If no complications occur, it takes an average of 1 month to heal the area under normal conditions. Operations where surgical intervention will be preferred especially prevent loss of sensation in the vagina. However, this operation can also be done with laser. Dressings should be done as often as recommended by the doctor.

Sports that cause stress in the area such as yoga, pilates, and sports that may cause pressure in the area such as horse riding and cycling should be avoided during the recovery period. Toilet cleaning should be done from front to back during this period as always. In order to prevent the risk of infection, it should not be entered into the pool, Turkish bath, sea or jacuzzi for the period recommended by the doctor.

Taking a standing shower should be preferred instead of bathing in the bathtub. You can take a shower from the first day. Sexual intercourse is not recommended for about 1 month until full recovery is achieved. Again, applications such as epilation and waxing should not be applied to the area until full recovery is achieved.

Kadın Hastalıkları ve Doğum Uzmanı - Op. Dr. Nazlı Oral Korkmaz

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