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Vagına Tıghtenıng

Vagına Tıghtenıng

Narrowing the vagina, re-tightening of the vagina applied in women with complaints of relaxation, loss of flexibility, and expansion of the tissues of the vagina,
it is an aesthetic and functional genital operation performed for narrowing, recovery. The normal form of the vagina, an invisible organ located inside, can deform with the past years.

Births cause her to lose elasticity, and the vaginal canal expands. (With excessive weight gain or excessive weight loss, the menopause period can also have the same result.) This condition causes not enough pleasure from sexual relations. In addition, sounds can also come from the vagina during intercourse. All of these are among the aesthetic problems affecting the psychology of women Dec. Relaxation of the vaginal November may also cause conditions such as urinary incontinence and sagging of the vagina and inner lips. Here is the process of narrowing the vagina to solve all these problems.

Genital cosmetic surgery vaginal rejuvenation surgery as a whole approach discussed along with the shrinking process for the entrance to the inner vagina lip (labium minus) and seen outside of the outer lip (labium majus) are performed on the aesthetic correction.

This operation is needed if it is larger or saggy than usual. Sometimes asymmetry can also be seen in these lips, which are mutually standing, the solution again goes through vagina rejuvenation operations. Like all types of Genital aesthetics, vagina narrowing operations fulfill the patient's self-confidence in priorities. It leads to a much healthier sexual relationship that will be experienced later. In this operation, self-dissolving sutures are used, and hence not any stitches after the operation applies to all interventions and genital aesthetic surgery between doctor and patient privacy principles remain between you and your doctor.

Vagina Narrowing Operation

Vagina narrowing operation is covered within the scope of genital aesthetics and cosmetic gynecology. Operations performed to restore the enlarged, abundant vagina to its former state and former decency are among the ‘vaginoplasty operations’. These operations are also called ‘vaginal constricting surgery’, ‘vaginal reconstruction’, or ‘vagina constricting surgery’. During the operation, perineal correction (Perineoplasty, perineal aesthetics) is also performed.

During the operation phase, the vagina is narrowed from the beginning of the vagina to the inner part, through the back wall of the vagina. Suture marks left during the procedure are located inside, so it is not possible to appear. The most important aspect of a completed operation is that the muscles located in the lower wall of the vagina, which form a solid pelvic floor bilaterally, are November close together. However, an internal lip reduction operation (labioplasty) can also be performed on request. These procedures, which last approximately 1 hour, are performed under general anesthesia or half anesthesia called an epidural.

As a result of these answers to the question of how to perform the vagina narrowing operation, it is possible to say that the technique of this aesthetic intervention is very successful and that there will be no problems after the procedure.

Post-Operative Process

For patients with vaginoplasty surgery, genital cleansing and hygiene are of great importance after discharge from the hospital. However, the stitches should also be regularly bandaged. Medications prescribed by the doctor must be used by the prescription.
During the first 2 weeks after vaginoplasty surgery, aesthetic stitches that have been discarded do not require any intervention and are shed spontaneously. So you don't have to have your stitches removed. About 1 month after surgery, the suture area becomes normal. It is recommended not to engage in sexual intercourse for the first 1 and a half months after the operation. By the end of these 45 days, the vagina will have healed itself.

What Is Vaginoplasty (Vagina Narrowing Operation)?

Loss of elasticity of the sagging vagina can lead to sexual dissatisfaction, loss of tenderness and sensation. Loss of sensation leads to the problem of not having an orgasm. The procedures performed to re-tighten the sagging vagina is called genital aesthetics.  Vaginoplasty operations provide both functional and aesthetic benefits to people and provide human satisfaction. The main reason for this operation is to tighten the sagging and enlarged vagina in both men and women, providing vaginal stenosis, increasing tension, and increasing pleasure during sexual intercourse.

What Are The Benefits Of Vaginoplasty?

  • Thanks to vaginal plastic procedures, it allows you to change both appearance and shape.
  • Sagging vaginal muscles streamline their November function.
  • Tension and resistance in the vaginal canal are improved.
  • Vaginal canal tension helps increase pleasure for men and women during sexual intercourse.

What Should Be Considered After Vaginal Aesthetics?

If a person applies an ice compress to the surgery area for the first 48 hours after surgery, swelling and blood flow are reduced. From light currents, a person may need to use a sanitary pad for about 1 Week-10 days. For the first 10 days after the procedure, the person should clean the toilet with antiseptic diluted with serum. A shower can be taken the next day, but there should be no bath in the bathtub. A person should eat a balanced diet 3 days before surgery and 3 weeks after surgery and should not suffer from constipation, because straining will force the genital area. It causes pain. The person should avoid sexual intercourse for 3-4 weeks.

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