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Genital Aesthetics

Genital Aesthetics

Genital Aesthetics (Vaginoplasty) may not look beautiful and attractive according to the aesthetic perception of women, regardless of or due to factors such as age and birth over time in the genital area of ​​women. The vagina can expand due to genetic reasons and deformations during birth. The "episiotomy" incision made during normal birth can also disrupt the appearance of the vagina. In addition to aesthetic concerns, all these can cause serious psychological problems. At the same time, problems such as the inability to enjoy sexual intercourse may occur as a result of the vagina losing its elastic structure. It is possible to prevent all these problems with this surgery.

The vast majority of women who have problems in their sexual life as well as in personal care and hygiene due to the width of the vagina state that they have difficulties in reaching a source that can get the correct information at the first stage and that they postponed the operation because they are embarrassed. No need to be shy! Female sexuality is as important as male sexuality.

It is possible to create happier women and happier couples with Genital Aesthetic Surgery; with a painless and short-term surgery!

Who Should Benefit From Genital Aesthetic Surgery?

Female sexuality is as important as male sexuality. If you are unsure whether to have Genital Aesthetics (Vaginoplasty) Surgery or not, we will share situations that will help you understand whether you need to benefit from this operation.

  • If there are situations such as sexual reluctance and not being able to enjoy the vagina due to the loss of elasticity
  • If your sexual life with your partner is negatively affected by the appearance of your genital area,
  • If you are ashamed or hesitant about this situation during sexual intercourse because you do not find your genital area aesthetic,
  • If you are losing sexual intercourse due to the aesthetic appearance of your genital area or inability to enjoy sexual intercourse, or if you put your relationship with the opposite sex in a deadlock,
  • If you want your genital area to have an aesthetic and attractive appearance,
  • If you are observing these findings due to the appearance or functional loss of your genital area,

you can call our clinic and get information about the operation process.

Sexual Pleasure is Reclaimed!

When we think of the vagina as a cylinder, it is the region responsible for both male and female sexual pleasure since the lower third of it provides contact during sexual intercourse; In addition, there is the 'G spot' we hear the name of in this region, which is a sexual pleasure point as strong as the clitoris. Vaginoplasty, which is a tightening procedure to be applied to this part of the vagina, is actually a reconstructive procedure. With this operation, which is made with completely dissolvable stitches and re-carries the muscles and soft tissues to their original places, the vaginal entrance is narrowed, while the remaining area is narrowed with the adipose tissue taken from the abdominal area.

Fat injection provides a complete regeneration of the vaginal tissue as it transfers the stem cells carried by the adipose tissue to this area. Combining genital aesthetic surgeries with "Labiaplasty", which means external genital area aesthetics, it provides health in every aspect. In labioplasty, inner lips can be reduced and shaped and can be performed in combination with vaginal surgery. Women who often suffer from urinary tract infections due to the large inner lips, who cannot fully maintain genital hygiene and aim to achieve aesthetic improvement can recover their health with a practical method.

No Scars and Stitches in Genital Aesthetic Surgeries!

Dressing and stitches do not need to be removed after this surgery, which is also easy to care after genital plastic surgery. Just medication and basic genital cleansing are enough. After both vaginoplasty and external genital aesthetics, there is no visible scar. The injected adipose tissue is also removed with a 2-millimeter incision made through the belly button and there is no visible scar.

Kadın Hastalıkları ve Doğum Uzmanı - Op. Dr. Nazlı Oral Korkmaz

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