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Genıtal Aesthetıcs

Genıtal Aesthetıcs

Genital aesthetics or vaginoplasty may not look beautiful according to women's aesthetic perception due to factors such as age progression and birth that occur in the female genital area over time, or regardless of these factors. There is an enlargement of the vagina due to genetic reasons or deformations during childbirth. An incision called ‘episiotomy’, performed during a Normal birth, can also disrupt the appearance of the vagina. All this can lead to serious psychological problems as well as aesthetic anxiety. At the same time, problems such as the inability to enjoy sexual intercourse may occur as a result of the loss of the elastic structure of the vagina. It is possible to avoid all these problems with this operation.

Because of the width of the vagina, the vast majority of women who have problems with both their sex life and personal care and hygiene note that they have difficulty accessing a source to get accurate information at the first stage and postpone the operation because they are ashamed. No need to be ashamed! Female sexuality is as important as male sexuality.

Thanks to Genital plastic surgery, it is possible to create happier women and happier couples; as well as painlessly with a short-term operation!

Who Should Benefit From Genital Plastic Surgery?

Female sexuality is just as important as male sexuality. If you are undecided about whether to have Genital aesthetic (vaginoplasty) surgery, we will share situations that will allow you to understand whether you need to benefit from this operation.

  • If there are situations such as sexual reluctance, inability to enjoy due to the loss of elasticity of the vagina,
  • If your sex life with your partner is negatively affected due to the appearance of your Genital area,
  • If you are ashamed or afraid of this condition during sexual intercourse because you do not find your Genital area aesthetic,
  • If you are moving away from sexuality due to the aesthetic appearance of your Genital area or inability to enjoy sexual intercourse, or if you are putting your relationship with the opposite sex at a standstill,
  • If you want your Genital area to have an aesthetic and attractive appearance
  • If you are observing these findings due to the appearance or functional loss of your genital area, you can make an appointment with us by calling our Office and get information about the operation process.

Sexual Pleasure Is Being Restored! Junkies Are Being Restored!

When we think vagina like a cylinder in the bottom third for both man and woman during sexual intercourse, sexual pleasure, which is responsible for making contact for the region; it is also in this area we've all heard about the name ‘G-spot’, which is the clitoris, strong sexual point. Vaginoplasty, the process of narrowing this part of the vagina, is a restructuring process. This operation, performed with fully soluble stitches, re-transporting muscle and soft tissues to their original places, narrow the entrance to the vagina, while narrowing the remaining area with adipose tissue taken from the abdominal area. Fat injection provides a complete regeneration of vaginal tissue, as it also transfers stem cells carried by adipose tissue to this area.

Genital plastic surgery is combined with ‘labioplasty’, which means the aesthetics of the external genital area, which ensures that health is achieved in all respects. In labiaplasty, the inner lips can be reduced and shaped, and performed in combination with vagina surgery. Women who often have a urinary tract infection due to large internal lips, who cannot fully maintain genital hygiene, and who aim to improve aesthetically, can restore their health by a practical method.

No Marks And Stitches In Genital Plastic Surgery!

After this operation, which is also quite easy to care for after Genital plastic surgery, there is no need to remove dressings and stitches. Just medication and basic genital cleansing are enough. After both vaginoplasty and external genital aesthetics, there are no visible scars. The injected adipose tissue is removed by an incision 2 millimeters tall that does not leave a visible mark that opens into the belly button.

How To Decide The Genital Aesthetic Process?

Women may experience several problems in the genital area, mainly due to factors such as childbirth. Enlargement or aesthetically unpleasant appearances occur in the genital area. Of course, in the face of such situations, several various health problems can also be observed. Mainly due to lacerations or incisions that occur during childbirth, the genital area loses its former form. This, in turn, leads to the appearance of various appearances that cannot be urinary incontinence or aesthetics in the first place. Several plastic surgeries are performed for genital area problems that affect women both physically and psychologically. Of course, before aesthetic operations, examination procedures are performed in the relevant area. After the examination, operations are performed for the needs of women.

People who want to have Genital aesthetics should be examined in the first place. Later, the aesthetic operation is decided. But many women decide to have plastic surgery on the genital area because of the discomfort they experience during sexual intercourse. On the other hand, women who feel restless in the face of conditions such as frequent urinary incontinence also decide to have a genital area aesthetic.

How Is Genital Aesthetics Done?

At the beginning of the questions that people who decide to be a Genital aesthetic are most interested in, undoubtedly, how is genital aesthetics performed? The question comes. Genital aesthetics are mostly done to narrow this area. Although different procedures are applied for everyone, it is essentially a surgical procedure performed with local anesthesia or regional anesthesia.  In other words, women can choose this direction, which option they want to have genital aesthetics.

How Long Does Post-Treatment Recovery Take?

Aesthetics of the Genital area is a type of aesthetics performed with anesthesia, just like other surgical procedures. Open incisions can cause nerves in the area to wear out. In addition, swelling and bruising over some time can also be inevitable. The healing process can take about three days. But you don't have to lie down completely in the process.  Bruises and swelling will disappear spontaneously over time. In order not to prolong the treatment process, it is one of the very important issues that you should pay attention to the dry and hygienic area.

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