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Hudoplasty is the removal of protrusions or excess skin in the genital area. The operation, which is frequently performed around the world, is also applied in our country.

What is Hudoplasty?

The process of removing the protrusions on the clincheris in the genital area is called hudoplasty. The same process takes place on protrusions or excess skin. Being too deep on the criritoris organ can force the comfort of sexual life. Hudoplasty is applied with the developing medical technology in line with the complaints of women such as not being able to have reluctance in sexual intercourse. This problem, which is experienced with clitoris aesthetics, is eliminated.

Why is Hudoplasty Done?

Skin wrinkles, folds or similar bumps in the clitoris area of ​​women also cause a bad appearance. For this reason, it is also called hudoplasty, in other words, clitoris, inner lip aesthetics. Clitoris aesthetics is performed for different purposes according to the preferences of the people. The first of these is applied because the excess skin on the clitoris has an uncomfortable appearance. Another aim is to be a method preferred by women who have problems with sexual reluctance. Hudoplasty, in other words, clitoris aesthetics is applied if women cannot get pleasure during their sexual relations with their partners due to excess skin. There is no risk in the genital area after clitoris aesthetics. It ends in reluctance or similar complaints.

Things to Consider After Hudoplasty Surgery

After hudoplasty, people should pay attention to certain factors.

  • Since hudoplasty is a sexual enhancement aesthetic, it is recommended not to have any sexual intercourse within 6 weeks after the surgery. Sexual intercourse is not recommended for full recovery.
  • However, attention should be paid to hygiene.
  • Undesirable results may occur as soon as the operated area becomes infected.
  • Proper cleaning must be done.
  • Antibiotic drugs prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly.
  • However, after hydroplastic surgery, areas such as the sea, pool, sauna and hammam should not be visited for 1.5 months.
  • However, other than that, business or social life can be continued.
  • After the Hudoplasty surgery, when the area where the surgical procedure is applied becomes infected, it brings other serious disorders.
  • Medicines should be used regularly and the patient should be under the control of a doctor constantly. Thus, it appears to heal in a short time.

Does Hudoplasty Have Any Risks?

There is no risk in hudoplasty surgery. It is applied to people who can afford hudoplasty if necessary health checks are made beforehand. It is not recommended for people whose health checks are not sufficient. Whether hudoplasty plastic surgery involves risk or not will be determined in the next process. The patient should definitely clean the operated area correctly. At the same time, it should be used regularly so that it does not contain drugs, creams or similar protective factors. Thus, there is no risk or serious inconvenience. Normal life can be resumed in a short time.

İstanbul Hudoplasty (Clitoris Aesthetics)

How is hudoplasty (clitoris aesthetics) performed? Hudoplasty procedure; It is defined as the removal of elements such as protrusions in the excess skin in the genital area. It is one of the applications that are carried out intensively in the world and it is also carried out in our country. The process of removing the protrusions on the critoris in the genital area with an incision is expressed as hudoplasty.

The same procedure is performed on elements such as excess skin and protrusions. One of the services offered effectively in the field of medical technology, which has been advancing and developing quite recently, is the successful hudoplasty interventions.

Why is Clitoris Aesthetics Performed?

The question of why clitoris aesthetics (hudoplasty) is done is another content that women wonder about. The folds, wrinkles of the skin or different bumps in the clitoris region can create a negative image and negatively affect the comfort of life of people.

For this reason, hudoplasty, in other words, inner lip aesthetics may be needed. Rhinoplasty is one of the procedures performed according to the preferences of the people and can be performed for different purposes. In addition to the preference of women who are faced with the situation of sexual reluctance, the removal of excess skin in the area is among the reasons for performing it.

Does Labiaplasty and Clitoris Region Surgery Affect Sexual Pleasure?

After the completion of the healing process of the patients who are carried out under the control of a specialist and who are thought to need clitoris aesthetics, and with the correct intervention, there will be no risk in the genital area, and there will be no risk in the sexual life of the people.

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