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Genital Lip Filler

Genital Lip Filler

As in all skin tissue, if our body cannot produce collagen in advanced ages, thinning, sagging, wrinkles and depressions can be seen in the genital areas in people with age. For this reason, fat tissue injection, in other words genital lip filling, can be applied to the labia minora to the outer lips with reduced normal volume. Genital lip filling has increased in popularity especially in recent years. The outer lips in the genital area are also called 'labium majus'. For this reason, it can be expressed differently such as 'labia majus' injection to the genital lip filling or 'labia majora filling'.

Why Do Genital Outer Lips Sag?

Especially with aging, the skin tissue in the labia majora loses its resistance, sags and gains a wrinkled appearance. This is mostly due to the person's collagen connective tissue not being genetically good. Smoking, alcohol use, some skin diseases, chronic itching due to fungal infection, rapid weight gain and loss, chronic irritation, aging and menopause can cause sagging of the labia majora. It is aimed to eliminate such sagging with genital lip filling applied to the genital area.

How is Genital Lip Filling Done?

Hyaluronic acid filling (rarely) and fat injection filling (more often) are preferred as the genital lip filling procedure.

As the filling material, the person's own fat tissue can be used, as well as a synthetic material called hyaluronic acid, which is FDA-approved for filling procedures on the person's body. If the patient's own fat tissue is to be used, the fat tissue taken by liposuction (fat vacuuming) method in any part of the body such as the inside of the thigh or abdomen is injected into the patient's area to be filled with a special procedure. It is possible to perform these procedures in the hospital environment, operating room conditions or clinical conditions depending on the width of the area.

The filling procedure with hyaluronic acid can be performed in a shorter time in the office environment with a mild anesthesia method called sedation. The patient can continue her normal life immediately after the procedure.

Fat injection is performed in operating room conditions with local or general anesthesia. Usually, the fat tissue taken from the abdominal area is injected into the labia majora. The person can go home after a few hours of rest. Since dissolving stitches are used, there is no need to take stitches and dressing is not required.

What Should Be Considered After The Operation?

After the procedure, the person can return to her normal life in a very short time. The healing process in the filled area may take 7-10 days. After the plumping process, swelling occurs in the lips in both injection methods, more in fat injection. Tenderness, swelling and bruising are normal during the healing process. Although these symptoms are evident in the first few days, they do not significantly affect the daily life of the patient. While some people need to rest for a few days after the procedure, some people can directly return to their normal life. It is more appropriate to wear loose clothes and comfortable clothes for the first week as it will reduce the sensitivity to a bit.

Postoperative antibiotics and pain medication are used. It will be enough to rest at home for 2 days after the operation. For the first week, one should stay away from sauna, Turkish bath or very hot bath. Again, it would be appropriate to avoid intercourse for a month following the operation. It is also necessary to wait at least a month before returning to activities such as heavy sports and exercise.

How Long Is The Life Of Genital Lip Filling?

Its durability differs depending on the method used in the genital lip filling procedure. If the filling process is made with hyaluronic acid, it will keep its form for 7-10 months, although it varies according to the person. If the person is injected with autologous fat, that is, if the fat tissue taken from him is injected into the area to be treated, at least 50% of the filling will dissolve within the first six months. For this reason, more material than the required amount is injected first in fat fillings. Because most of the material will melt over time and the filling will shrink.

Kadın Hastalıkları ve Doğum Uzmanı - Op. Dr. Nazlı Oral Korkmaz

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