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Genıtal Lıp Fıller

Genıtal Lıp Fıller

As with all skin tissue, if our body cannot produce collagen in old age, thinning, sagging, wrinkles and depressions can be seen in the genital areas in people with age. For this reason, fat tissue injection to the outer lips, whose normal volume has decreased, that is, genital lip filling can be performed on the large lips. Genital lip filler has increased in popularity, especially in recent years. The outer lips in the Genital area are also called 'labium just. For this reason, genital lip filler can be expressed differently, such as labium just injection or 'labia majora filler.

Why Do The Genital Outer Lips Droop?

The patient can resume his normal daily life immediately after administration. Fat injection can be performed with local or general anesthesia in the operating room environment. Fat tissue, usually taken from the abdominal area, is injected into the large lips.

Especially with aging, the tissue of the large lips loses its resistance, sagging and gaining a wrinkled appearance. This condition is mostly because the collagen connective tissue of the person is not genetically good.  Smoking, alcohol use, certain skin diseases, chronic itching due to fungal infection, rapid weight loss, chronic irritation (irritation), aging, and menopause can cause sagging of the large lips. It is aimed to eliminate such sagging with genital lip filler made in the Genital area.

How Is Genital Lip Filling Done?

Hyaluronic acid filling (rarely) and fat injection filling (more often) are preferred as the Genital lip filling process.

A person's adipose tissue can be used as a filling material, as well as a synthetic material called hyaluronic acid, which has FDA approval for filling operations on the person's body. If the patient's adipose tissue is to be used, the adipose tissue taken by liposuction (fat vacuuming) method is first performed in any area of the body, such as the thigh or abdomen, and injected into the patient's filler area. It is possible to perform these operations under operating room conditions or Officeal conditions in a hospital environment depending on the width of the area.

The filling process with hyaluronic acid can be performed in a shorter time in the office environment by a method of mild anesthesia called sedation. The patient can resume his normal daily life immediately after administration. Fat injection can be performed with local or general anesthesia in the operating room environment. Fat tissue, usually taken from the abdominal area, is injected into the large lips. A person can go home after a few hours of rest. Since melting stitches are used, there is no need to remove stitches and no dressing is required.

What Should Be Considered After The Operation?

After the procedure, the person can return to his normal life in a very short time. The healing process in the filling area can take up to 7-10 days. After the plumping process, fat injection is intense, but lip swelling occurs in both injection methods. Tenderness, swelling, and bruising are normal in the healing process. Although these symptoms are evident in the first day or two, they do not significantly affect the patient's daily life. After the procedure, some people need to rest for a few days, while some people can return directly to their normal life. It is more appropriate to wear baggy underwear and comfortable clothes for the first week, as it will reduce sensitivity a little.  
Antibiotics and painkillers are used after surgery. A person's rest at home for 2 days after the operation will be sufficient. For the first week, avoid a sauna, hammam, or extremely hot bath. Again, it would be appropriate to avoid a relationship for a month following the operation. It is also necessary to wait at least a month to return to heavy activities such as sports and exercise.

How Long Is The Life Of Genital Lip Filler?

According to the method applied in the Genital lip filling process, its durability differs. If the filling process is performed with hyaluronic acid, it will maintain its form for 7-10 months, although it will vary depending on the person. If a person has been injected with autologous fat, that is, if the adipose tissue taken from him has been injected into the area where the procedure will be performed, at least 50% of the filling will be dissolved within the first six months. For this reason, more oil is injected into the oil fillings than the amount needed in the first place. Because most of the oil will melt over time and the filling will shrink.

Genital Lip Filler Is A Suitable Surgical Solution For The Following People

  • Make penetrating vaginal intercourse
  • Vaginal sagging occurs as a result of excessive weight loss
  • Enlargement of the inside of the vagina after vaginal intercourse
  • Vaginal itching, burning, and irritation
  • Lip sagging caused by menopause
  • Mild bleeding and pain after vaginal intercourse
  • Reluctance to vaginal intercourse
  • Urine and burning that cannot be done comfortably
  • Genital lip filler is suitable for these people and should be recommended by the doctor as an option.

While more studies are needed, genital lip filler has been associated with a high satisfaction rate. A recent study found that 93% of participants were satisfied with their surgery and their decision to have a genital lip filler. In cases where a person wants to do a vagina aesthetic later, the vagina aesthetic can be converted to full efficiency using genital lip filler.


A patient's age can be a very powerful factor to consider. For a mature person, and due to differences in the necessary healing and self-care, his age can be a determining factor. Interestingly, for younger patients, their age may worry health care practitioners. As I prepared to write this article, I came across a reference to a study (PDF) that examined the attitudes of WPATH-affiliated medical professionals towards the option of valvuloplasty for patients aged 18-21. They found that some medical professionals were more reluctant to offer patients in this age group A Non-in-depth option.

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