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Sexual Therapy

Sexual Therapy

Sexual therapy is a type of psychotherapy method applied to individuals or couples with sexual problems by experienced psychiatrists and psychologists trained in sexual problems.

How Are Sexual Problems Treated?

Human behavior and sexuality are affected by physical, psychological and social conditions. Sexuality should not be limited to only sexual organs. There are feelings, thoughts and beliefs about the sexuality. It is known that established beliefs can often be erroneous. The physical and psychological characteristics of the person or the interactions of bilateral relations can be effective in the emergence of sexual problems and disorders.

Naturally, the treatment of sexual problems may vary according to the reasons that play a role in their formation. By interviewing the person, the factors that reveal the problem and cause it to be settled are examined together. Medications or psychotherapies that will be effective in the treatment of the problem are selected.

If the sexual problem is due to a medical or biological cause, the treatment will be medication or other medical treatments. In this case, urologists, gynecologists and obstetricians or psychiatrists do the treatment. If the sexual problem is related to psychological factors or if psychological factors aggravate the situation even if it has developed due to a medical reason, sexual therapy should be applied or added. Sexual therapy can be performed by psychiatrists and clinical psychologists trained in sexual therapy. Like all treatments, sexual treatments must be based on scientific data.

In order for a new treatment method to enter the field of application, it must go through scientifically and ethically defined processes, prove that it is effective, and be accepted by the professional community. It is decided that a psychotherapy method used in sexual therapy practices is effective for a certain disorder by conducting a series of studies in accordance with scientific principles.

Who is a Sexual Therapy Specialist, What Are Their Qualifications?

The sexual therapist, that is, the sexual therapist, is an open-minded, positive attitude towards sexuality, impartial, tolerant, flexible, non-judgmental, respectful of differences, not reflecting their own values, and knowledgeable people outside the basic ethical rules of their professional group. Therapists protect the interests of the patient by clearly and accurately explaining their powers and characteristics to their clients.

Confidentiality and confidentiality are essential in sexual therapy discussions. There is a confidentiality of sharing information between the therapist and the client. Before making a diagnosis, an adequate history should be taken and the necessary tests should be done. Making a diagnosis without an adequate history or neglecting the necessary investigations is also considered a medically unethical violation because it causes harm to the patient.

Although the sexual therapist is responsible for the selection of the treatment to be applied, the client should inform the client about all possible treatment types and possibilities and take his / her opinion. Before the treatment, the patient should be informed about the diagnosis of the sexual problem, the features and rules of the treatment to be applied, and the effectiveness of the treatment to be applied for this problem. He should know that regardless of her experience and education, he may not see some of the problems he will encounter during the treatment process, so he should have an appropriate counselor.

What Are The Subjects That Sexual Therapy Treats?

Sexual dysfunctions treated through sexual therapy; vaginismus, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse in women), sexual desire disorder in men and women, arousal disorder in women, orgasm disorder in men and women. However, when we look at the sexual problems experienced in our country, sexual problems are common in individuals or couples with a healthy body and psychological structure due to problems caused by lack of sexual education, lack of sexual knowledge, inadequate sexual experience, false beliefs about sexuality, and upbringing. Sexual problems that occur due to these reasons can also be treated with a few consultancy sessions.

Kadın Hastalıkları ve Doğum Uzmanı - Op. Dr. Nazlı Oral Korkmaz

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